Roy Grogan, photographer
Roy Grogan

   My formal education was successfully completed
   at Fanshawe College in the early 1980’s by earning
   a 2 year diploma of photography followed by a one
   year diploma of advanced photography.

   I have been working as a freelance photographer for
   more than 20 years, focusing primarily on
   architecture along with a mix of commercial and
   portraiture. These past five years have been an
   exciting time of transition for photography. I used to
   shoot with many film types using small, medium and
   large format cameras, I now record my images
   digitally. Computers and software are used to adjust
   images, sophisicated inkjet printers have replaced
   traditional paper and chemistry, in short, the
   lightroom has taken the place of the darkroom.

   In this sea of change some things have remained
   constant, a thorough knowledge of light, shadow
   and composition is still required to create
   strong images.

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